Re: [asa] Teaching Religion In Science Class

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Wed May 20 2009 - 16:06:21 EDT


I got no post with images.

As for Behe, he has many publications in professional science journals, and
this was part of the testimony at the trial--I was there when it happened.
However, it became (appropriately) an issue at trial, whether or not any of
those pertained to ID. They don't. His book (only book at the time),
"Darwin's Black Box," apparently was not reviewed (for The Free Press) in a
manner comparable to most academic books and journal articles.

Another "However." Behe has written pro-ID articles in journals devoted to
philosophy of science, and I believe those have been refereed. The problem
here, from the point of view of the ID side at the trial, is that articles
on POS are not science per se; thus, they can't be used to support the
defense's contention -- and Behe's -- that ID is science per se.

I don't know exactly what you heard at the board meeting, but you might be
conveying a garbled form of the fact that his (many) peer-reviewed articles,
in science journals, are not about ID.


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