[asa] Teaching Religion In Science Class

From: David Clounch <david.clounch@gmail.com>
Date: Wed May 20 2009 - 15:53:38 EDT

Dear ASA,

I never saw anything on the list about the photos I sent last night, so I
don't know if they made it to the list. Murray said he is having problems
posting as well.

I intend to send the transcribed text from the photos as soon as I get some
spare time. Meanwhile, I dont know if the photos can get through or are
stripped off. I cannot recall anybody ever sending me a photo attached to a
message on the list so I don't know if its even possible.

The Nova program on Dover is fascinating. I'm not sure they accurately
described events. If they did then some fascinating
aspects emerge. For example, Nova introduced Behe as a professor who has
published dozens of peer reviewed articles. Yet in my school's board
meetings (when they banned Behe's book) the expert testimony was that Behe
had no peer reviewed literature to his credit. So my board voted based on
a testimony which lied. This is not the first lie from district
professionals surrounding that event.

David Clounch

Jesus showed us God can be both transcendant *and*  physical.   Deistic
Christians want to say God cannot be physical because God is 100%
supernatural.  I don't believe this.
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