Re: [asa] Darwinism (was: BioLogos - Bad Theology?)

From: David Clounch <>
Date: Wed May 20 2009 - 00:31:24 EDT

It seems a legitimate question. Perhaps David Campbell could jump in, but
off the top of my head, neo-Darwinism, known as "the synthesis" took place
in the 1940's when the (and I'll say this wrong but here goes anyway) the
zoologists and the geneticists converged and settled their conflicting
views. Participants in the synthesis were, for example, George Gaylord
Simpson and Ernst Mayr, among others. Darwinism was the theory (of the
zoologists) prior to the synthesis.

Ernst Mayr wrote in his 2002 book "What Is Evolution" that there are at
least 8 components to evolutionary theory and each is a separate theory. And
I think he may have said that Darwinism has been entirely refuted, but I'd
have to check on that.

The big event for me was in 1959 at the Chicago world fair exposition when
the big names held a conference and announced that religion is dead because
the truth of evolution has proved it to be a myth. Larry Witham's book
describes the history of that event. It was like bringing out the 16 inch
guns on the battleship Missouri and blasting away. History since has
basically been one big reaction to this declaration. 16 years later I was
accosted by an evolutionist (a colleague in the chemistry dept where I was a
student worker) who attacked me for wearing a Christian symbol. He
reiterated the position of the Chicago group and said it isnt rational to be
a Christian. That is when I started being interested in this subject of
biological evolution. There is a rabid intolerance of Christians (and of
others such as Islamicists) from scientific materialists. But keep in mind
not all evolutionists are scientific materialists.

 I'm sorry, I disagree with Ted. I don't think believing in design means
one has to believe in God whatsoever. I know people who claim to be
atheists who believe in ID. The real question is whether one can justify
telling people who believe in God that they are irrational and wrong. I
myself don't believe in supernatural design. I don't buy into the idea
that because its non-natural that its therefore supernatural. Hogwash.

Jesus showed us God can be both transcendant *and* physical. Deistic
Christians want to say God cannot be physical because God is 100%
supernatural. I don't believe this.

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