RE: [asa] Darwinism (was: BioLogos - Bad Theology?)

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Tue May 19 2009 - 19:22:43 EDT


The term "Darwinism," when used by ID advocates, means the denial of design
by natural selection (which is what Darwin did have in mind from the 1850s
onward). This is the sense in which it was used by Charles Hodge in 1874.
He answered the question posed in the title of his book, "What is
Darwinism?", by saying "it is atheism," b/c it denies design. Phil Johnson
wrote an article with exactly the same title as part of the collection, "Man
and creation: perspectives on science and theology," in 1993. And, Phil's
answer there is the same.

I do not believe that "Darwinism" is a big strawman, as you seem to suggest.
 It does however IMO involve necessarily the extrapolation of methodological
agnosticism (as it has recently been called here) into something larger than
that. One might still IMO accept the general validity of a natural
selection that is blind, insofar as we can't detect an overall direction at
the level of the mechanism itself; rather we need to look at the larger


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