Re: [asa] BioLogos - Bad Theology?

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Date: Tue May 19 2009 - 11:41:22 EDT

Quoting Nucacids <>:
> What this means is if God wanted to bring you into existence, He had to bring
> this past into existence. That's why I call it the 'Package Deal.' Among
> all the possible, infinite Universes to create, God freely chose to create
> the one in which Iain (and Mike, Ted, Cameron, Gregory) exist. He chose this
> precisely because it was the one in which Iain, Mike, Ted, Cameron, and
> Gregory exist. To bring us into existence means our particular contingent
> pasts come with it, because without it, we, as who we are, could not be
> brought into existence.
> And then the Problem of Evil becomes the problem of us. The problem of me.
> And the shadow of the Cross is seen.
> -Mike

"packaged deal" and "shadow of the cross" are both insightful to this
discussion. Job hated and cursed the day he was born, but he eventually was
made to see the packaged deal. I think the cross and the Incarnation may go
even deeper than you took it, though. What was so special about Jesus
apparently had nothing to do with his physiology (He had no kingly appearance
that would make him noteworthy). Our preoccupation with the significance of
the physical makes us want to deify his appearance and form rather than
recognize the deity Incarnate-- hidden within his own frail form which looked
and was just like ours. (For that matter we want to elevate all our Biblical
heroes, and Moses --the timid speaker who doesn't want to lead suddenly becomes
Charlton Heston. I remember my pastor once commenting that the producer would
probably have been more faithful to Scripture if he had cast Don Knots rather
than Heston as Moses.) So while I agree that Ted Davis is special and that God
planned for him, I don't know that such "specialness" needs to be tied to the
*form* that is presently Ted Davis. That form is as the grass of the earth,
here today and gone tomorrow. (Metaphorically speaking, Ted!)

--Merv Bitikofer

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