Re: [asa] BioLogos - Bad Theology?

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Mon May 18 2009 - 21:47:08 EDT

Having started this flurry by asking Mike Gene to elaborate on his point,
I'll now jump in to say that Cameron's post pretty much addresses the issue
as I would have--if I were as clever as he is. And, yes, I am a "white"
person who in fact has English ancestry as Cameron guessed.

My way of putting the point would be to ask whether God intended for me to
marry precisely and only the wonderful woman I am married to, or whether God
intended me to marry at all; and ditto for my wife. This is as has been
pointed out a question whose answer depends very much on the details of
one's theological convictions, similar in character to the free
will/predestination question. I won't take a stance here on either of them,
I'll just note that I do not regard one specific answer to either one as
necessarily orthodox or unorthodox. Certainly I do not regard either answer
as "nihilistic," and I don't see SCM's view as "nihilistic," let alone
"atheistic," at all.

Indeed when his first book came out several years ago, I was enthralled by
the subtle hints he offered in the footnotes, concerning his Christian faith
(at that time I did not know he is a Christian), and I've been gratified by
subsquent more explicit statements he has made.

Finally, let me note that, whatever we might say about God's purposes in
creating humans generally and Ted Davis in particular (for which I am most
grateful), God was under no necessity whatsoever to create anyone or
everyone. None. A free choice, freely made.


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