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Date: Mon May 18 2009 - 13:33:37 EDT

"Just think of me as the canary in the coal mine. There's trouble down that tunnel." - Mike Gene (Nucacids)
Simon (Oxford) Conway Morris is a twit in his own way, we are AGREED on this Mike. His palaeontology is as unsatisfying to larger questions as what his weak philosophy cannot yet entertain. 
Yet, I am just as much trouble in the tunnel to you Michael (biology-centristic) Gene. Your pseudo 'anthropic' principle (and it is really quite obviously amateur, from a professional perspective) discussion makes this entirely clear. So much for 'forget my background fields of study,' or 'it doesn't matter what fields a person is educated in' Mr. Gene. Better to tell these things openly and straightforward, truthfully, as I have done here. Biology-alone is insufficient to account for the philosophical, anthropological, psychological or theological realms in our current map of knowledge.

You are not a theologian. So, on what basis do you claim 'bad theology'?
I call you an 'armchair' thinker, Michael Gene, pure and simple. It does not mean SCM is any better (the weak philosopher that he is). Only he reveals his weaknesses and you hide your stripes.

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Hi Schwarzwald,
I hear what you are saying.  Yes, the Conway Morris argument argues for teleology, but, like ID, falls far short of Christianity.  It is fine if the BioLogos folks want to fulfill some neo-ID role, arguing that scientific data support a teleological viewpoint.  But the web page weaves distinctly CHRISTIAN themes into its content.  That is, despite the mission that reads "promotes the search for truth in both the natural and spiritual realms, and seeks to harmonize these different perspectives," by "spiritual," the authors clearly mean "Christian."  So is the site a Christian apologetics site? 
Just think of me as the canary in the coal mine.  There's trouble down that tunnel.
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