Re: [asa] BioLogos - Bad Theology?

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Date: Mon May 18 2009 - 12:43:11 EDT

Hi Ted,

The page reads:

"Simon Conway Morris presents a different perspective, arguing humans, OR A
HUMAN-LIKE SPECIES, are actually an inevitable part of evolution." (emphasis

"Or a human-like species means" that humans were NOT an inevitable part of
evolution. If God's intent was to create a human-like species through
evolution, and we humans exist simply because we happened to be among the
larger class known as human-like species, the existence of Ted Davis was not
intended by God (let alone any other member of our species). As far as God
is concerned, a talking dolphin could have filled your shoes.


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> Mike,
> Please be more explicit in connecting the dots, concerning your claim that
> Conway Morris' view (shared I think by Ken Miller and some others) is a
> "form of Christian nihilism." On the face of it, I don't see this at all.
> Ted


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