[asa] BioLogos - Bad Theology?

From: Nucacids <nucacids@wowway.com>
Date: Mon May 18 2009 - 09:05:47 EDT

Over at the BioLogos page, we read:


"Simon Conway Morris presents a different perspective, arguing humans, or a human-like species, are actually an inevitable part of evolution. Morris is not proposing a different mechanism for human evolution, merely a different observation of its possible outcomes. Morris would agree that any slight difference in the history of human DNA would result in a different evolutionary path. Unlike Gould, however, Morris argues each of those possible pathways would inevitably lead to something like the human species."





I submit this is bad theology. Why? Entailed in this perspective is the notion that humans and human-like species are interchangeable. Your existence, the existence of your wife and children, is not important to God. God is only interested in some being that shares some of your general attributes - your intelligence, sentience, emotions, whatever. A planet full of talking dolphins would have sufficed for God's purposes. You just happened to stumble into the role that could have been played by a variety of other beings.


What BioLogos is advocating is a form of Christian nihilism. It's almost more nihilistic than atheism. Actually, maybe more so.



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