Re: [asa] Because of us - Steve Fuller's anthropic principle - Darwin's original sin

From: Nucacids <>
Date: Mon May 18 2009 - 08:50:16 EDT

Hi Gregory,


You wrote: “Can you please explain how this can be so? When you wrote 'because of us,' I assumed the ‘us’ you meant was 'human beings.' But how can we (people) study human beings 'purely' metaphysically and/or theologically? Aren't there necessarily involved other realms, levels or dimensions of such a concept duo as 'anthropic principle' that cannot be avoided? Are you asserting an ‘anthropic principle’ could serve meaningfully without reference to the human-social sciences? Did you define ‘anthropic principle’ in TDM? And also, I don’t really follow why you say ‘it doesn’t matter’ about these things – it seems to me it matters (or could matter) quite a lot.”


First, I suggest you re-read the original essay. If it’s too hard to find, I posted it here:


Second, let’s start with this point: “When you wrote 'because of us,' I assumed the ‘us’ you meant was 'human beings.'”


No, ‘human beings’ is far too abstract and general. God did not create “human beings.” He created you and me. While we may be a human being, no other human being is us. Thus, if you seek to unite theology, natural science, and social science, it’s not enough to talk about the origin of the universe, the earth, life, or humans. You have to account for the origin of each one of us. You have to account for each individual on this list. Each individual who has ever existed and will come to exist.


The thing is that we already know how we all came into existence. One particular sperm, among millions, fertilized one particular egg, among thousands, at a particular time. Change the sperm, change the egg, change the time – we would not exist. Someone else might exist in our place, but they would be us to the extent that any of our brothers or sisters are us.


- Mike

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