Re: [asa] an Archimedean point in theology?

From: Dave Wallace <>
Date: Sun May 17 2009 - 01:34:25 EDT

Cameron wrote:
> ... [I would include you in this group, because you have sometimes
> said similar things, though I am unsure, because you keep talking
> about God acting wholly "within the capacities of creatures" in a way
> that suggests to me that quantum intervention of that sort shouldn't
> be necessary for evolution to take place.] ...
 From a note on the list, preserved in my personal data base:
> apropos your question below, it depends of course on just what you
> mean by "providence" and "TE." My own approach is set out in my book
> The Trademark of God, especially chapters 6 and 8. To use traditional
> language, the overall process of evolution can be understood in terms
> of God's cooperation with natural processes. I.e., God is active
> throughout the evolutionary process, acting with the chemical,
> environmental &c interactions that are involved. Moreover, God limits
> divine action to what can be accomplished through those processes.
> Even with that limitation, the freedom that is inherent in natural
> processes because of quantum & chaos theories provides scope for God's
> "special providence" and divine governance.
> Shalom
> George

I don't ever recall George taking any other position in our discussions
on this list.

I thought I had sent this earlier but I can't find it in either my sent
folder or on the archive.

Dave W

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