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Date: Fri May 15 2009 - 20:17:05 EDT

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> I say because of WWI and WWII, we likely will never have a WWIII. Agree or
> disagree? The reason why no WWIII is likely is because we learned from the
> previous WW's... that no one wins in a nuclear war. That is social evolution
> wrt war... the memes of war.
> ...Bernie

You forget that WWI was the "War to end all wars" and we know how long that
lasted. If there is a WW3, it will be fueled, if not started, by the
unfortunate fact of massive populations who have nothing to lose, and in fact
figure they may as well "take their enemy down with them". (I wonder who they
will identify as "enemy"?) That's why people strap on homicide bomber vests and
fly jets into buildings. Decimate an African village killing all the parents,
and bingo! You have a ripe recruitment ground among orphans old enough to pull
a trigger and who now have nothing else to live for. And even among the rest of
us who *ought* to have something else to live for, our reasons can quickly
become subservient to anger over what somebody has done and a wish to make them
pay. I wish I shared your confidence that there will be no WW3.

We can give Alexander the moral idiot a different more appropriate name, but
evolution has seemed to reward survivors and conquerors such as him, has it not?
  At least in this life anyway... The only clear "winners" in all our moral
degeneracy? Guns & weapons industries: working tirelessly to bring the
possibility of a WW3 home to you and me. Jesus wasn't just whistling Dixie when
he noted that those who live by the sword die by the sword. It is a cruel
master we serve in this world thinking that it will always protect us.


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