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Hitler and Stalin killed for ideology. Why did Alexander the Great kill? Apparently for vain glory. If Hitler and Stalin were like Alexander the Great- the death toll would have been much greater. That's the suggestion I'm offering. Instead of Hitler bombing to subdue a nation, he could have bombed to destroy a nation. What would Alexander have done? Probably like the Israelites- exterminate the enemy... both likely ancient methods of war.

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Dehler, Bernie wrote:
> Contrary-wise, I heard a historian say that Hitler was rather noble compared to Alexander the Great. Hitler had an ideal, even though it was twisted. Alexander the Great would wipe-out cities for simply for the vain glory of killing.
In 1973-74 we lived in Helsinki, at the end of our time we drove through
Poland on our way ultimately to Amsterdam and a flight to Canada. After
we left Krakow going to Prague we happened to pass Auschwitz. 6 million
Jews is hard to grasp but a 10' * 10' room full of human hair or
eyeglasses to a depth of 6' really hits home and scars the soul. Seeing
the furnaces etc is indescribable.

I think Hitler and Stalin both came pretty close to equaling anything in
the past.

Dave W

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