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From: Brent Foster <>
Date: Tue May 12 2009 - 14:01:05 EDT

At the risk of being called a Global Warming Denier I'll weigh in on this. My position on Global Warming is that of probably most geologists. I'm not impressed with short term trends. I prefer to say climate change will happen. That is a certainty. we do not have the luxury of living on a static, un-changing planet, with a climate that magically stays at the comfy temperature we have adapted to. The current trend is for global warming. The trend started roughly 18,000 years ago and is most likey to continue. We are making it worse but we didn't start it and we can't stop it. All we can do is stop pouring fuel on the fire. Study of the history of the climate from ice cores indicates cycles of ice ages throughought the Pleistocene (last 1.5 million years). The global cooling people of the 60s and 70s looked at the cycles and thought we might be near the end of the warming cycle and due for another ice age. But the glaciers have continued to retreat, and convincing evidence has!
  established a strong anthropogenic contribution to greenhouse warming. I don't know if we can say that the global cooling predictions were wrong. It still may happen in a few hundred years. Once again I'm not impressed with short term trends, and I'm not interested in short term predictions :)


---- Jon Tandy <> wrote:

This may have been discussed sometime in the past, but I would like someone
to give a concise description of what happened with the "global cooling"
scare back in the 1970's. Not something from the anti-global warming
advocates, who trumpet this rhetorically to show that "scientists don't
really understand the environment, and the global warming scare will
probably a memory in another decade," but a summary from someone (on list or
in an Internet link) who understands the current global warming consensus.


Why was there a global cooling prediction (or is this even an overblown view
of history), and what led to those predictions that eventually proved to be

If there were unknowns that led to that failed prediction, how do we know
that the current warming predictions are on target and unlikely to be
overturned? In other words, what assurance do we have that this won't be a
non-issue 10 years from now, as the AGW lobby claims?


Jon Tandy


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