Re: [asa] ID and EC/TE relationship

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Sun May 10 2009 - 15:00:00 EDT


I appreciate you defending me against some comments about my views on UD.
For anyone who cares, it's not hard to see that my post to Pim was indeed
taken out of context, simply by looking at the exchange I had with Pim in
the list archives. It's no secret that I've taken issue with some of Pim's
views at times, and (ironically) this was yet another time when that's what
took place--yet I was presented to the faithful on UD as if I were Pim's
"mentor" and he my "disciple." If someone had said that here, everyone
would get the joke and have a good laugh, but over on UD, it was probably
taken as an accurate assessment of where Pim and I are, in relation to one
another, on these issues. That makes it a bad joke rather than a good one.

If you want to have a thread on the relationship between ID and EC/TE,
that's certainly an appropriate topic for this list. However I have two
requests, relative to this. First, I would prefer to have the particular UD
thread you refer to left out of that conversation. I agree that it would
constitute some evidence of ID supporters picking a bit of a fight with TE
supporters, but I am (speaking for myself) much more interested in moving
forward toward a better understanding than in reviewing old injuries, esp
relatively minor ones (in this instance), however annoyng they may be.

Second, I join with you in praising Cameron for the very respectful manner
in which he has conducted his exchanges since coming on board a few weeks
ago. I usually find his posts interesting and conducive of lively debates;
I always find them respectful. You are correct, Dave, to point out that not
all of the posts here like that, and also correct that this is to our
detriment. We've been working on that, however, and I think one could
fairly say that we're improving. UD may be improving also, at least a
little. Yes, there is still so much political-style rhetoric there, which
in most cases IMO is neither warranted nor helpful for understanding the
issues. But at least their rudest and most arrogant moderator ("DaveScot,"
he called himself) was removed a little while ago, and that's a big step in
the right direction. He thinks he knows a lot more than he does, and has
far too short a fuse and too crude a vocabularly when responding to people
that don't share his own view of his views. Let's give UD a clap of the
hands for adding by subtracting.


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