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Gregory -

I'm curious about your (perhaps rhetorical) question. You are without doubt more knowledgeable about the situation in Russia than I but I do know a bit about that in former Soviet Satellites &, in particular, the Slovak Republic. But in 1996 I helped to organize a conference on science & theology at the Lutheran seminary in Braitslava & gave one of the papers there. (It's at http://www.asa3.org/ASA/topics/Astronomy-Cosmology/GlaubundDenken1997Murphy.html#FROM%20THE%20SMALL%20CATECHISM ) Part of the reason for this was precisely the way such discussions had been polarized under communism, or course very much in favor Marxism & atheism & the notion that science had eliminated the idea of God. One of the discussions with seminary faculty was a kind of catharsis sessions in which they spoke about the constraints they'd been under as far as any criticism of such claims. Then with the fall of communism American fundamentalist missionaries came to eastern Europe to preach the message of, among other things, anti-evolutionism. Now maybe things have changed a lot in the past 10 years or so, & maybe Hungarians are very different in this regard from Slovaks, but I would be surprised if religion-science polarization were entirely a thing of the past.

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        Perhaps the Hungarians are well ahead of the (negatively) polarising discussions that 'western' 'science and religion' discourse have been facing in recent decades? .....




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