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From: Dave Wallace <wmdavid.wallace@gmail.com>
Date: Sun May 10 2009 - 10:21:47 EDT

Over at UcD O'Leary writes about Szilágyi a brilliant young Hungarian
scientist. Copying from an article on Szilágyi:
> For him, “the debate over evolution, design, creation, supernatural
> intelligence, etc., is not a scientific question in the first place
> but the collision of worldviews, the confrontation of materialism and
> idealism,” he says. He takes the Bible literally, but when he lectures
> on the subject–outside of work–he presents what he calls “the options”
> and indicates which one “to me … seems to be more probable.” But he
> insists that it is up to “everybody to make his or her own decision.”
O'Leary then writes:
> It is sad when talented people must grovel and cringe just to keep
> their jobs. The thing is, in the end, that never works.
> “Theistic evolution” is just a way of adjusting to a world run by
> atheists.

> Practical questions like “Does the world show evidence of design” are
> scientific if the answer appears to be no, but unscientific if it
> appears to be yes.
My initial take was that Szilágyi was a YEC because of the statement on
taking the Bible literally but then when I looked at the original
article I saw that he is located in Hungary and thus figured that he is
probably a TE. It is sad that only the atheists are allowed to express
their religion/world view openly in many of our secular universities.

Dave W (asa member)

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