Re: [asa] Multiverse and ID

From: dawson wayne <>
Date: Sat May 09 2009 - 13:04:48 EDT

2009/5/10 Jim Armstrong <>

> You know, it's hard for me to swallow that a 10^(-1018) probability
> represents anything even vaguely "realistic". It basically says that we
> don't know enough to cough up a realistic estimate. JimA [Friend of ASA]
By "realistic" I mean that someone is finally admitting that the odds are
pretty small. Even 10^(-100) would have satisfied me for that matter. I did
urge caution. Just as to much talk has sounded like life should be popping
up everywhere in the universe, let's not start pounding the drum over here
like this is some football rally.

Wayne (ASA member)

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