Re: [asa] fall of Satan logic questions (racism)

From: dawson wayne <>
Date: Thu May 07 2009 - 20:01:15 EDT

2009/5/7 Gregory Arago <>
<<<To Murray's point about 'more evolved' not belonging in an intra-human
context, unfortunately, the history of the social sciences does not bear out
this perspective. The ideology of 'evolutionism' has been applied to suggest
that Africans are indeed 'less evolved' than say Swedes or Danes. 'Less
evolved' here means cutural *and* biological, like the 'co-evolutionists'
might sugggest today (and like Dobzhansky and Huxley argued during the
forming of the 'modern synthesis'). 20th century anthropology (e.g. Boas),
however, rejected the linear process of human-social evolution. >>>

Man is not a rational animal, he is a rationalizing animal. --- Robert
Heinlein (1953).
Whereas evolution has been used to rationalize beliefs like the, these
are delusions of grandeur. Since making a living is considered a
good measure of intelligence, then probably worms and horseshoe crabs have
the most claim to success as animals on this planet.

At any rate, with 96% of the human genome in Africa, in fact, I can't think
that most geneticists (scientists) could agree with you.

by Grace we proceed,

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