Re: [asa] fall of Satan logic questions

From: Merv Bitikofer <>
Date: Thu May 07 2009 - 06:53:20 EDT

IW wrote:
> Most religious types are anti-abortion. I do not know (though there may be)
> of any religious-conservative Xian groups calling for abortion because God
> has commanded it. See above.
> IW
UNLESS they live in a nation we are at war with and are wearing the
enemy uniform. --- talk about really, really late term abortions!

Sorry ---couldn't resist a rhetorical dig from your local Anabaptist
trouble maker who is quite aware of the minefield found by us all when
we try to draw detailed morality imperatives out of Old Testament
stories. I'm not really looking to rehash all this again though. Nor
do I mean to make light of the distinction between the innocence of
infancy and lack of innocence for all of us beyond that. (Though war
and bombs recognize no such distinctions.) Sorry --I'll stop.

But here's another thought --- how is this for consistency? If you
create a universe and inhabit it with sentient species, then you get to
make the rules, call the shots, and even make life & death decisions
since you are its creator. You aren't the creator of this universe, so
you don't have that right. Creator is allowed. Created are not. You
want to play God? Get your own universe. --and good luck.


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