[asa] RE: Is God a big meanie?

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Date: Tue May 05 2009 - 14:21:31 EDT

Our existence and that of the universe is a certain chapter in the history of creation. We are in, say, chapter 8 and cannot guess what lies ahead. We can speculate but Scripture makes it clear that there is such a thing as eternity, which is immeasurably longer than any lifetime. Perhaps that is were we should concentrate. I believe that may be the solution of the “problem of evil.”

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I was thinking about "the problem of evil" when eating my pear. It was yummy.

Atheists say that if God was all powerful and all loving, there wouldn't be any evil in the world, like animal suffering. I was thinking- what are the design options for God when it comes to food?

Since killing (and the associated pain) is evil, that means we could have no meat- no hamburgers. I guess we'd all have to be vegetarians, because vegetables aren't sentient and they don't feel pain. But if God chose evolution to create humans, then there would also be lower animals. Without carnivores, maybe (actually, for sure, not maybe...) these animals would get out-of-balance and destroy/over-run everything. In other words, the stock needs to be thinned, and that's why evolution does that- with carnivores.

The only alternative to evolution is fiat- where God makes things... "poof" into existence. The problem with that is we would have no notion of science. We could not trust and use our senses, because God so frequently violates natural law. The law of cause-and-effect law is busted because it is routinely violated by God.

So in a perfect world, God would create by fiat, but that would demolish modern science (and the natural record)... so it's not really perfect. God couldn't have used evolution while omitting carnivores, because carnivores are needed for the system to self-correct.

Thoughts? (...besides the obvious remarks about my cheeky writing ;-)


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