[asa] Re: natural theology, bad and good

From: Dave Wallace <wmdavid.wallace@gmail.com>
Date: Tue May 05 2009 - 09:58:50 EDT

A week ago as I was driving down to our cottage on Lake Ontario it was
very obvious how much more advanced spring is near the lake than in
Ottawa. The grass was that very strong spring green and the tree leaves
were just beginning to come out, although I saw one apple tree in full
bloom. As I was driving I was thinking of a couple of things related to
natural theology. First that God may have provided a beautiful nature
to be an encouragement to his children when they become discouraged.
Secondly that for those raised with cultural memories of Christianity it
may be possible to read into nature more (way more) theology than it
will bear. But of course, for knowledge of redemption we must read the
Bible while praising Him for the glories of creation.

Dave W (asa member)

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