Re: [asa] dembski and YEC

From: David Campbell <>
Date: Mon May 04 2009 - 17:56:12 EDT

There are several reasons for perceived YEC-ID links:

As documented in the Dover case, there has been some attempt by YECs
to use ID as a replacement label to try to dodge legal disapproval of
creation science. Other examples of YEC calling itself ID, not
obviously in a context of desired legal approval, may reflect a
perception that the "ID" name is more marketable or more
authoritative-sounding. Conversely, anyone wanting to exclude
religion from the public square may be willing to try to tar ID with
the brush that worked for creation science.

Much YEC, ID, militant atheist, etc. propaganda involves fitting
everyone into a tidy false dichotomy. Both pro and anti thus readily
accept the "logic" that ID markets itself as antievolution, so of
course it must be in with YEC.

YEC may readily seize on many ID arguments.

Popular ID has not distanced itself from YEC and has in fact often
supported it (the DI coming out in favor of YEC legislation; Johnson
doing a tour with a YEC advocate, etc.)

YECs not happy with the standard poor quality arguments of popular YEC
seem to have found a reasonably congenial niche with ID (e.g., Marcus

YEC and ID often use similar arguments and have connections to some of
the same other positions (e.g., the current political right).

Dembski's critique of YEC has merit, but unfortunately the "big tent"
of ID seems to be used more in its popular presentation to conceal
differences than to house a clear and coordinated presentation of
particular tenets.

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