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Date: Sun May 03 2009 - 23:39:51 EDT

 Gordon asked: "Phil, What do you think is the eternal destiny of the parents of the first
fallen human?"

Being without any biblical data we can only guess, right?? And almost certainly we'll be wrong.? How many of the Jews before the birth of Christ had their Messiah's career figured out correctly?

Nevertheless, I'd guess the pre-Fall homo sapiens will be in Heaven, along with Neanderthals, dolphins, cats, and sea monkeys.? Here is another question, which I think is deeply related:? If a child (or even a fetus) dies before reaching the mental ability to know right from wrong, might they go to Heaven?? And if so will they always remain a little child (or a fetus) in Heaven, unable to know right from wrong??

I believe the essence of the Fall was that man achieved the ability to know right from wrong while not yet born again (and thus unable to handle the knowledge of good & evil without sinning, see Romans 7).? Thus, a little child or fetus is at least somewhat analogous to our ancestors pre-Fall.? In both cases, they are/were creatures with a certain level of maturity that makes them unable to know good from evil and therefore they are not culpable for their selfish behaviors.? And yet God may care for them very much and bring them into Heaven.? If a fetus can go to Heaven, then why not a pre-Fall hominid?? Or why not a dolphin or a sea monkey?? But how He will do so is a mystery.? Will a fetus always remain a fetus?? Will the sea monkey always remain a sea monkey?? Will they experience Heaven the same way as one who had greater mental ability on Earth?? Who knows?!

In any case, I think the idea of evolutionary recapitulation is helpful in thinking about the Fall


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