Re: [asa] No Adam?

From: Murray Hogg <>
Date: Fri May 01 2009 - 21:47:41 EDT

Hi Bernie,

I'd be happy not to rehash the debate - but I'm not happy to allow the following misrepresentation of my position to go without challenge;

Dehler, Bernie wrote:
> some, like Pastor Murray, disagree
> that the NT writers were convinced of an imminent return, or else
> re-define “imminent” from the common dictionary understanding. (Let’s
> not re-hash that.)

Let me say without any ambiguity that throughout the debate on this subject I affirmed BOTH of the above AND that I continue to do so.

And, to set the record straight, let me say that I continue to do so. I AFFIRM that the NT writers were convinced of an imminent return of Jesus, and I AFFIRM that "imminent" means "ready to take place/hanging over one's head" (as per the dictionary definition that Bernie himself gave).

Sorry if that leaves you with a lingering confusion, Bernie - but there you are.


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