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Hi Bernie:


Moving down the list in Genesis 5 and 11, which patriarch do you think was an actual, real live, flesh and blood human being?  Where do you think in the line of patriarchs that a real person had a mythical father?

If you don't trust Genesis try Jubliees or Josephus.  These testimonies also corroborate the patriarchs in Genesis - including Adam.


I can't tell you whether Adam had parents or not, but I'm confident he lived.  I have a friend living in Manassas who comes from Iraq.  She has visited Abu Sharein, the modern name of Eridu, she has seen personally the altar I have on my website and she prayed for Adam at a nearby mosque.


~Dick Fischer, author, lecturer

Historical Genesis from Adam to Abraham


May 1, 2009 11:39:54 AM, wrote:

Since I accept evolution, I think it follows there was no Adam- no first human.  No fall from grace- the sin nature we have was inherited- it is surely the “sins of the flesh.”  Our flesh needs to be redeemed. 

Anyway… many ask “What about Jesus and other NT writers referring to Adam as a real person?”

I have some possible answers, but I think this is the best:

The ultimate answer is a mystery, but I think the ultimate answer is also the same answer to another question that (anti-evolutionary) evangelicals have to face and also don’t have a good answer.  That is this question:

“Jesus and the NT writers spoke of an imminent judgment day and consummation of all things.  Why didn’t that come to pass?”

I know we already argued this, and some, like Pastor Murray, disagree that the NT writers were convinced of an imminent return, or else re-define “imminent” from the common dictionary understanding. (Let’s not re-hash that.)

Anyway, in summary, it is a tough question, but I think it is no tougher than an existing question for anti-evolutionist theologians and I think both questions have the same answer!

RE: Dictionary definition:


Main Entry:





Latin imminent-, imminens, present participle of imminēre to project, threaten, from in- + -minēre (akin to Latin mont-, mons mountain) — more at mount



: ready to take place ; especially : hanging threateningly over one's head imminent danger of being run over>

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