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From: Dehler, Bernie <>
Date: Thu Apr 30 2009 - 11:39:01 EDT

Wow- I'm happily shocked that Collins is doing this!

I guess the evangelical church will also be in for the shock of it's life...


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You now have your wish. Now, it's Collins' turn to be trashed by Coyne, the
sancitmonious atheist whose charming views you already know well enough. We
all knew this would be coming, once Collins stopped working for the federal
government and started his own religion/science ministry. Coyne continues
to pretend that not having any answers (when it comes to the big questions,
he ain't got 'em) is a better answer than having some that he can't stand.
The spirit of what Collins (and other Christian thinkers, TE or ID or
otherwise) is doing -- taking the big questions seriously and offering
answers from a religious perspective -- is ironically much more scientific
than what Coyne is doing. Or, not doing. Probing for something deeper is
what science is really all about. Admitting our ignorance and limited
knowledge in the process -- yes, that's scientific too, but the refusal to
take those big questions seriously, the constant refrain that nothing really
means anything, is not in keeping with the scientific spirit.

When I heard Collins speak last evening, incidentally, I don't recall him
trashing ID. He briefly noted why he thought it wasn't the right view to
defend, but his focus for the evening was all positive, about what his plans
were and why he is so passionate about doing this.


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