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This is one example of a place where I don't think we think too carefully, perhaps because it gets hard real quick. God is omnipotent. There is some sort of conflict with an angel, which should be a rout if God is omnipotent. Yet an angel wrestles with human Jacob and manages to only break a leg. Something seems inconsistent here, so the stories (and our understanding) would appear to be insufficient somewhere as well. Am I the only one that "wrestles" with this?   JimA [Friend of ASA] wrote:
Angels can be "bound", so I have in my head an image more like wrestling than sword-fighting.

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I was telling my kid (2nd grader) the other day about a war in heaven with good 

vs. bad angels.  Good angels kicked-out the bad ones.  The bad ones, led by 

Satan, wanted to take over.

He had a good question I never thought about- can angels die?

Theology says no- that's why hell was made for them.  Forever tormented.

But here we have a case of war with no death?  What are they doing- just shoving 

each other around? Do they have weapons, but these weapons can't kill another?  

What's a war without death?  Are they cutting off limbs?  If Angels don't have 

limbs (because they are spiritual and not material), are they just being hurt in 

some way, but not completely dying?

What does this have to do with ASA? It is a matter of trying to apply logic to 

faith... does the Christian faith make sense about angel warfare and the fall of 

Satan, using modern day logic?

He asks a lot of interesting questions that somehow adults gloss over (including 

myself).  Maybe we jump too fast to the standard line "I don't know, but one day 

we'll find out in heaven."  Is that line a short-circuit for logic and truthful 



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Let us not forget the fall of Satan before that of man.


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Dick said:

"If  good, functioning, workable "designs" are due to God's handiwork, then

 who or what is responsible for the flaws, defects and failures?  Give

 God all the responsibilty or none of it."

Haminists (followers of Ken Ham and his interpretation) say that God made it all 

good- but man's sin wrecked it.  Before the fall, there were no mosquitos, or 

they probably didn't drink blood back when they were first made, just like the 

first lions, bears, etc. didn't eat other animals either (no animal death before 

the fall, and all people were vegetarians until after the flood).  So God gets 

credit for good; man's sin is the reason for bad (or corruption of the good 



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