Re: [asa] Because of us - Steve Fuller's anthropic principle - Darwin's original sin

From: Murray Hogg <>
Date: Wed Apr 29 2009 - 10:12:02 EDT

Hi Moorad,

I'm a bit cool on the below.

Let's allow that there was no "before the beginning" in which a "front loader" might set the relevant physical conditions, it's doesn't follow that those conditions might not come into being at the same time as the physical universe (and hence time itself).

All you've pointed to, in my opinion, is an easily resolved issue with some formulations of the front-loading hypothesis - formulations which are no more problematic than claims that God "foreknew" that he was going to create the universe before he did so.


Alexanian, Moorad wrote:
> Clearly, the notion of “front-loader” cannot be a reference to the Christian God. Front-loading presupposes that at the “beginning” some conditions were set up that determined the future development of the system. However, God does not exist in time and so that notion cannot be correct. Therefore, God must have known completely the temporal development and so the notion of chance from God’s perspective is nonsensical. Humans, who live in time, may interpret reality by invoking chance but that is human ignorance rather than ingenuity.
> Moorad

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