Re: [asa] restatement on ID as a "proof" of God (defense of Behe)

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Wed Apr 29 2009 - 09:09:14 EDT

Let me point out that, in my experience (for decades) in working through and
with origins issues, the reason many and perhaps most TEs come down so hard
on YEC, and some of them also come down hard on ID, is b/c they know from
their own experiences or those of friends that the YEC position, if
inculcated into youth, can itself cause extremely serious spiritual problems
for those youth when they get out from under that YEC umbrella. The tone of
ID concerning "Darwinism" in both scientific and cultural uses of that term,
which is a pejorative in both YEC and ID circles, is highly similar to that
of YEC at times, and this is a big reason why ID can receive the same
treatment from some TEs.

I would not underestimate this factor.


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