Re: [asa] restatement on ID as a "proof" of God (defense of Behe)

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Wed Apr 29 2009 - 08:59:09 EDT

Thank you, Cameron, for clear answers to my questions about the political
stuff related to ID. We have quite similar views on this as it turns out,
except that I have more enthusiasm for Collins than you do -- mostly, I
sense, owing to our different evaluations of the merits of ID vis-a-vis TE,
that is, owing to a fair difference of opinion.

Our general agreement includes your point about ID advocates being subject
to attack on multiple fronts, whereas TE advocates are attacked by Dawkins
folks only on religious points--but of course those attacks are
pretty vigorous, given Dawkins' views about religion. Of course it should
not reflect negatively on TEs generally, that they don't have to defend
their views of science in those conversations, for those views are honestly
their views and aren't chosen to avoid additional attacks; just as ID
adherents have their views, and do not choose them simply to attract further


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