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Why don't you write more about 'good, theistic naturalists' and drop the sarcasm, Dick? Otherwise it might appear that you are indeed defending 'evil, atheistic naturalists' on 'purely scientific grounds'. Some balance would be helpful here.
You are being outmanoeuvered philosophically and displaying nothing of your knowledge of history in the discussion, which could surely help. I don't see anything other than ideological piggybacking going on now with your tack and the tone is also doubtful, as Iain indicated. Your position is a strong one, historically, but trying to merge it with 'TE' or 'MN' would seem to be a detriment to it rather than a benefit.

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Of course there is “design” in nature.  Fibonacci numbers are an excellent example of a mathematical formula God established in plants so they would know how to arrange their branches, leaves and petals.  It’s a great formula that tells them how to place everything to get maximum exposure to the sun.  Of course those evil, atheistic naturalists might think that millions of year’s worth of selection of plants that thrive according to the optimum placement of these things would over time produce this number, but we know better, don’t we?

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