[asa] ICR Sues Texas

From: <dickfischer@verizon.net>
Date: Fri Apr 24 2009 - 15:53:41 EDT
The Institute for Creation Research has sued the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, which denied the institute's request for state certification that would allow it to offer an online master's degree in science education. In the lawsuit, the ICR claims the decision violates its civil rights and that it was discriminated against because its program would be based on "creation science" rather than evolution.

When the board denied the school's request last year, Texas Higher Education Commissioner Raymund Paredes said the institute's program wouldn't prepare graduates to teach the state's public school science standards, which include the study of evolution.
I guess you can't teach pseudo science and call it science in Texas.  Who would have guessed?

Dick Fischer

Author, Lecturer

Historical Genesis from Adam to Abraham


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