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From: Gregory Arago <>
Date: Thu Apr 23 2009 - 12:16:39 EDT

If you were 'thinking of us,' then you would realize how insufficient it is to continue speaking in a way that dehumanises the Academy by leaving 'us' out of the language of expression in a "genuine pursuit of truth". Thousands upon thousands of scholars are 'pursuing truth' by speaking directly of humanity. Why not you too? 
'Science and religion' discourse leaves out philosophy. 'Methodological naturalism' leaves out all of the sciences that are not natural sciences. These ways of perceiving demonstrate the limits or constraints that are currently part of 'the controversy' in which 'intelligent design' has engaged itself in America and sometimes beyond. It is futile to deny this when the proof is empirical, readable in your written words.
It would be easy for you to speak of 'humanity,' in addition to 'nature.' You wouldn't be lying to yourself to do this, would you Ted? Wouldn't this be a change for the inclusive better that can be believed in?


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I had no hidden agenda in leaving out "humanity," Gregory, I was
simply thinking of us a part the created order that is often called


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