[asa] biblical miracles

From: Ted Davis <tdavis@messiah.edu>
Date: Wed Apr 22 2009 - 21:10:38 EDT

I sent this a moment ago to Cameron, but neglected to send it to the list.
I'm bowing out of this one for the time being, unless Cameron and/or others
want to discuss any of the points I raised in my other posts, points
unrelated directly to "intervention." I do think Cameron's questions are
good ones, but I don't accept the validity of any comparisons without having
answers to the same questions from some ID proponents (whether or not they
are ASA members, as many are).


I hate to disappoint you, but I'm sticking with my promise not to discuss
"intervention" until you can place, or arrange for others to place, some
first-hand statements from ID advocates (including some big names) answering
similar questions. So, I won't go into this further right now: I was
serious about that point. If others wish to answer your questions related
to "intervention," of course, that's fine.

The most I will say is that I do not reject the term or the concept of
"intervention," but I understand why many TEs do have reservations about it.
 It has to do with divine immanence vs transcendence, and you can probably
fill in the gaps. Go see Richard Bube's famous article about "the Failure
of the God-of-the-gaps" for specifics. That's all I will now say about this
thread until I see what my friends in the ID movement say about some of the
more curious miracle stories.

Like the late Bernard Ramm, the way in which I think about some of them,
including the exodus events, is to explore diverse possibilities including
genuinely miraculous acts--which God has done and will do again.

My best, Cameron,


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