Re: [asa] God disproven by science?

From: Dave Wallace <>
Date: Tue Apr 21 2009 - 18:35:10 EDT

Dehler, Bernie wrote:
> “If we had the faith of those in less developed countries, we’d see
> the miracles that they do.”
> Apparently, we don’t see so many miracles in the USA because of our
> lack of faith. If this is all true, and there were more miracles, that
> could be scientifically studied. Thoughts on that? Is this a crazy
> theological claim: “Less developed countries see more miracles because
> of their greater faith.” ?
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As you may know I grew up in Ethiopia. When I was young my parents were
located such that they were inaccessible for three to four months of the
year. My brother contacted a tropical eye infection and essentially
ended up blind in one eye. When I was older it was two hours travel to
the nearest hospital run by the Lutherans or to their medical doctor.
For anything serious a more major hospital was five to six hours away.
For none leper patients we had two nurses and they each treated about 60
patients per day. It certainly appeared that prayers for help were
answered more frequently in such circumstances in a third world country,
but it could be that in North America there are other resources that God
uses to answer our cries for help.

Dave W

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