RE: [asa] God disproven by science?

From: Bill Powers <>
Date: Tue Apr 21 2009 - 18:12:15 EDT


Let me reply to one comment you make.
> Apparently, we don't see so many miracles in the USA because of our lack of
faith. If this is all true, and there were more miracles, that could be
scientifically studied. Thoughts on that? Is this a crazy theological claim:
  "Less developed countries see more miracles because of their greater faith." ?

It seems to me that, as you say, if the statement is true, it could be
studied empirically. Probably most of us are skeptical of the claim.
But, then again, I'm not so certain that all miracles are so obvious. I'm
dubious of the effort.

What has concerned me for some time is we in this age of science have
pushed God far into the background. Indeed, as we've been discussing
here, it is essential in doing science to do so. Even if we permit Him in
discovery, we have become accustomed to perceive the operation of the
world to go on independent of God's direct action. We still can, however,
by practice or simply commitment "see" or perceive His work. Yet it still
remains for us something of an exercise, and not generally something that
confronts, and even frightens us.

This is my perception and a theological story goes with it that I will not
bore you with. I simply bemoan this fact and wonder if others have a
similar understanding.

bill powers

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