Re: [asa] Can Science Test Supernatural Worldviews? by Yonatan I. Fishman

From: Bill Powers <>
Date: Tue Apr 21 2009 - 00:11:43 EDT


I have access to Springer, but they want $34 from me to get a copy of
the pdf file. It says that this is a 2007 article.

I use to subscript to this journal for many years. I'm quite surprised
that such an article in being printed in this journal.

But perhaps I need to see the article. Can you forward me a copy?


bill powers

On Mon,
20 Apr
2009, Bill Cobern wrote:

> I would be interested to know if anyone on the list has read the following
> article which is available as a pre-print at the
> webpage. The article will appear sometime this year in the journal Science &
> Education. I have a pdf copy if anyone would like to see the article but does
> not have access to SpringerLink. As I say, I'm curious as to how people on
> the list might respond to Fishman's arguments, especially those more
> philosophically trained than I am!
> grace & peace
> bill
> Can Science Test Supernatural Worldviews?
> Yonatan I. Fishman
> Abstract Several prominent scientists, philosophers, and scientific
> institutions have
> argued that science cannot test supernatural worldviews on the grounds that
> (1) science
> presupposes a naturalistic worldview (Naturalism) or that (2) claims
> involving supernatural
> phenomena are inherently beyond the scope of scientific investigation. The
> present paper
> argues that these assumptions are questionable and that indeed science can
> test supernatural
> claims. While scientific evidence may ultimately support a naturalistic
> worldview,
> science does not presuppose Naturalism as an a priori commitment, and
> supernatural
> claims are amenable to scientific evaluation. This conclusion challenges the
> rationale
> behind a recent judicial ruling in the United States concerning the teaching
> of ''Intelligent
> Design'' in public schools as an alternative to evolution and the official
> statements of two
> major scientific institutions that exert a substantial influence on science
> educational policies
> in the United States. Given that science does have implications concerning
> the
> probable truth of supernatural worldviews, claims should not be excluded a
> priori from
> science education simply because they might be characterized as supernatural,
> paranormal,
> or religious. Rather, claims should be excluded from science education when
> the evidence
> does not support them, regardless of whether they are designated as 'natural'
> or
> 'supernatural'.
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