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Date: Mon Apr 20 2009 - 11:57:11 EDT

Yes- I heard him speak. He's not really a Christian. He doesn't really believe in God (as a real personal being) or a resurrection. If you ask him if he believes in God, he may say "it depends on what you mean by "God.'" I'm pretty certain he would deny the resurrection of Christ. I heard him speak at a Unitarian church.

On the plus side, his presentation is mostly Q&A, so you can go and ask him. He'll launch into a sermon if there's no questions or if he's in trouble.

Why do people do bad things? It's because of our "lizard" brain and other animals brains carried over from evolution, according to him. That's his focus on explaining bad behavior. And he goes off on that... on and on...

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Are any of you familiar with Michael Dowd? He's speaking at a church in our area this week and a friend asked me for my opinion. I hadn't heard of him. A quick check with Google indicates he describes himself as an "evolutionary Pentacostal." He's promoting his recent book "Thank God for Evolution" I couldn't get a good handle on his thinking so I wondered if any of you had taken time to read or hear him?


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