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From: Randy Isaac <>
Date: Mon Apr 20 2009 - 10:19:55 EDT

Thank you all for your comments. Very helpful.
Good review, Bethany.

We really do have a full spectrum of attempts to integrate science and Christian faith:

1. Modify the science to fit with any given interpretation of theology/Scriptures, elevating those interpretations over any scientific ideas
2. Modify theological interpretations to fit with science, elevating scientific ideas over any particular theological view
3. Separate science and theology in such a way that they never interfere by definition ( like the NOMA approach)
4. The paradoxical approach whereby science and theology are considered inherently in harmony but only appear paradoxically to be in contrast.

and a long spectrum of variation within each one as well as various combinations of them. So much for "Three Views..." or "Four Views..."
From all your comments, Dowd is at the far end of number 2. I don't think I'll attend his lecture.

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  Hey Randy,

  I reviewed Dowd's book amongst three others in the March PSCF, in the article "God and Evolution: A Review of Four Contemporary Books."

  Essentially, I agree with Steve that Dowd does not even approach fringe orthodoxy. It is an unfortunate story where he got caught in the science or religion dichotomy, and ended up throwing out everything important about the Christian faith in order to try and "make it work".


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