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From: Steve Martin <>
Date: Sun Apr 19 2009 - 08:44:08 EDT

Hi Randy,

Check out this review of Dowd's book
a while back. Michael Dowd joined the comments as well. Here is my
response to Michael:

> Hi Michael D.,
> I read through your essay “Evolutionary Christianity”. First, let me say
> that I agree with you that biological evolution is the best explanation for
> the development of life on earth. Second, I too believe that the acceptance
> of biological evolution is compatible with an Evangelical expression of the
> Christian faith.
> However, I am concerned that the way you define Evolutionary Christianity
> is nowhere close to being compatible with Evangelical Christianity, or even
> Orthodox Christianity for that matter. I’m not sure I’d agree with Michael
> S. that your view is equivalent to pantheism, but there is certainly enough
> evidence in the short essay that I read for me to infer that your view of
> God is very different from the Triune God of the scriptures. I’m not sure
> there is much point in discussing the finer points of your theology or
> worldview until something as basic as this is addressed.
> I’m going to respond to one short point here. You stated above:
> * Reinterpreting the core elements of our faith: Original Sin, Salvation,
> the Trinity; the Incarnation, Life, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension of
> Jesus; the Second Coming of Christ, Heaven, Hell, and so on is not only our
> responsibility, it is our Great Work.*
> I would agree the Church’s theology cannot remain stagnant (after all,
> theology is only our limited, fallible, human view of an infinite God) but
> my fear is that you are not only reinterpreting / rearticulating the
> historic view of the Church, but rewriting it. And it is definitely NOT our
> Great Work.
> George Murphy, both an eminent scientist and theologian, has written an
> excellent book entitled “The Cosmos in the Light of the Cross”. He discusses
> modern scientific concepts like cosmology and biological evolution from the
> standpoint of an orthodox Christian whose basis for reality is the
> incarnation, death, and resurrection of Christ. “Evolutionary Christianity”
> looks to me like it has things rotated 180 degrees from this. Ie. “ “The
> incarnation, cross, and resurrection in the light of Evolution”. It appears
> to usher in Teilhard’s omega point, but not necessarily the Kingdom of God.

On Sun, Apr 19, 2009 at 8:26 AM, Randy Isaac <> wrote:

> Are any of you familiar with Michael Dowd? He's speaking at a church in
> our area this week and a friend asked me for my opinion. I hadn't heard of
> him. A quick check with Google indicates he describes himself as an
> "evolutionary Pentacostal." He's promoting his recent book "Thank God for
> Evolution" I couldn't get a good handle
> on his thinking so I wondered if any of you had taken time to read or hear
> him?
> Randy

Steve Martin (CSCA)
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