Re: [asa] Natural Agents - Cause and Effect, Non-Natural Agents

From: Keith Miller <>
Date: Sat Apr 11 2009 - 12:52:04 EDT

> "Natural agents are events or processes that have a cause-and-
> effect link to a subsequent event or process." - Keith
> What link(s) do non-natural agents have?

Non-natural agents or entities are those that are immaterial (not
matter or energy). As such, science has no way of investigating HOW
such agents interact with the material world. Scripture does not
seem to give much direction either -- its emphasis is on God's
PURPOSES and WILL and the REVELATION of God's character. So, my
answer to HOW the supernatural interacts with the natural or material
universe is -- I have absolutely no idea, and have no idea how I
could ever know. It does not seem that the question is one that God
has seen to be of importance for us to know. I suspect that it would
be incomprehensible to us at any rate.

But God has done something quite extraordinary -- God has entered the
creation and taken up the material creation in the incarnation. And
we now are celebrating the resurrection as the first fruits of God's
full redemption of that material creation. These are profound


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