Re: [asa] Noah's Ark- the debate over floods... and biblical interpretation

From: Dave Wallace <>
Date: Wed Apr 08 2009 - 08:59:01 EDT


As best I recall Glenn raised two issues against a Mesopotamian flood,
when we discussed this a few years ago:

1. The land slopes into the Persian Gulf, so that water would drain off
the land fairly quickly

2. The lack of a sedimentation layer that should result from a flood a
year long, especially with all the debris from a civilization, animals,
plants etc.

Now I would like there to be a historical basis underlying the story in
Genesis and would be willing to grant that God might have performed a
miracle to dam up the waters. Such an act would be part of a sign to
the people. However, the lack of a sedimentation layer seems fatal as
having a miracle to prevent sedimentation would be somewhat like an
appearance of age scenario in creation, in that God would not appear to
be trustworthy and that is something I would be unwilling to posit.
Also having a sedimentation layer would appear desirable from the point
of view of providing an indication of the truth of the story down
through the ages.

Dave W

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