Re: [asa] Adam, Eve, Garden Myth

From: gordon brown <Gordon.Brown@Colorado.EDU>
Date: Mon Apr 06 2009 - 17:21:48 EDT

On Sat, 4 Apr 2009, Dave Wallace wrote:

> Assuming a theology without a literal Adam and Eve, I have been wondering
> what the purpose of the Adam and Eve myth is? The Cosmos in the Light of the
> Cross does not deal with this issue. The whole account in Gen 2 and 3 does
> not seem to serve much theological purpose. What are we to make of details
> like the garden, the rib, naming the animals, the snake, the apple, the tree
> of life, God clothing Adam and Eve and so on? Of course one possibility is
> to assume that these 2 chapters should not have been included in scripture
> and thus ignore them totally.
> Here I am using myth as:
> **" traditional story of ostensibly historical events that serves to unfold
> part of the world view of a people or explain a practice, belief, or natural
> phenomenon"
> I am not saying that I accept a theology with Adam and Eve, just that I would
> like to understand.
> Dave W

For the New Testament take on Gen. 2:4-3:24 see:
Matthew 19:5
Mark 10:7-8
Luke 10:19
John 8:44
Romans 5:12, 7:11, 8:20, 16:20
I Corinthians 6:16, 11:8,9, 14:34, 15:21,45,47
II Corinthians 11:3
Ephesians 5:22,31
Colossians 3:18
I Timothy 2:13,14
Hebrews 9:27
Revelation 2:7, 22:2,14,19

Gordon Brown (ASA member)

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