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Yes, that's something that I should have mentioned. It was pointed out by Diane Jacobson (OT prof at Luther Seminary) & I noted in on p.169. The Hebrew words `abhadh & shamar - "till" & "keep" in NRSV - are used in Numbers 3:7-8 in speaking about the duties of the Levites to care for the tabernacle.


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  Some have also seen the Garden as a symbol or "type" of the tabernacle and temple. John Walton has commented on this in an on-line talk (probably also in his book?). A friend of mine who is a YEC Hebrew scholar has also seen the same allusions in the text.


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    Dave -

    It's not entirely true that The Cosmos in the Light of the Cross doesn't deal with this - see the last full paragraph on p.125 & the 1st on p.169. But it's true that I didn't deal with the issues of sin & salvation in great detail in that book. That's one of the things I'm working on now, the PSCF articles at being one aspect of the work in progress. This is not, however, a detailed exegesis of Gen.2 &3.

    There is a great deal of theological significance in those chapters. Briefly, the human as God's creation & object of God's special care - while still a being of the earth, the task of humanity to "guard & serve" the earth, the human ability to understand the animals & his superiority over them, marriage & society as God's purpose for humanity, humanity being called to observe limits set by God & the transgression of them as sin, the reality of temptation, & God's care for humanity even as sinners are just a few important themes. In addition, the difference between the pictures of God's activity in Gen.1 & Gen.2 is significant - in one case a transcendent sovereign creating by fiat & in the other an immanent creator who gets down in the dirt to form the human. Having 2 accounts gives a fuller picture of the creator.


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> Assuming a theology without a literal Adam and Eve, I have been
> wondering what the purpose of the Adam and Eve myth is? The Cosmos in
> the Light of the Cross does not deal with this issue. The whole account
> in Gen 2 and 3 does not seem to serve much theological purpose. What
> are we to make of details like the garden, the rib, naming the animals,
> the snake, the apple, the tree of life, God clothing Adam and Eve and so
> on? Of course one possibility is to assume that these 2 chapters should
> not have been included in scripture and thus ignore them totally.
> Here I am using myth as:
> **" traditional story of ostensibly historical events that serves to
> unfold part of the world view of a people or explain a practice, belief,
> or natural phenomenon"
> I am not saying that I accept a theology with Adam and Eve, just that I
> would like to understand.
> Dave W
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