Re: [asa] Anti-Creationist Psychobabble On the Web

From: David Clounch <>
Date: Fri Apr 03 2009 - 16:55:03 EDT

That might be true, but Stephen M Barr has made a powerful argument that
naturalism was invented by Christianity to repudiate the pagan cultures.
And those inventors said that this naturalism is theistic.

The other type of naturalism would be the Dawkins type, which isn't

Then there is the type being promoted here which apparently doesnt allow
either Dawkins or Barr's version of naturalism.

My point is that schools cannot choose between any of these. Doing so
violates the constitution.


On Fri, Apr 3, 2009 at 1:27 PM, John Burgeson (ASA member) <> wrote:

> On 4/3/09, Kirk Bertsche <> wrote:
> > Perhaps there is a misconception that MN is a recent invention? Paul
> > DeVries may have coined the term in the 20th century, but he
> > certainly did not invent the concept.
> >
> Methodological Naturalism can be traced back as far as Epictetus, who
> phrased it as "Ascribe nothing to the gods" when he was discussing
> investigations of nature.
> Burgy

I often suffer from nostalgia, that fondness for something that never was.
Pleasant memories have a tendency to expand.
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