Re: [asa] Anti-Creationist Psychobabble On the Web

From: Dave Wallace <>
Date: Fri Apr 03 2009 - 13:54:01 EDT

David Clounch wrote:
> Bill,
> It doesn't matter. Public schools taught science just fine without
> MN. MN exists only to assuage the concerns of certain religionists.
> It belongs down the hall in the philosophy classroom or comparative
> religion classroom, not in the science classroom. Along with all
> questions about metaphysics.
In a culture where shamanism, evil spirits etc are a part of the
students beliefs one absolutely must teach MN as part of the science
curriculum. My parents certainly did in east Africa where I grew up.
Of course one does not talk about MN as such but explicitly talks about
natural causes vrs none natural causes. For example the drought has
natural causes and did not occur because the shaman was not properly
consulted so as to appease the spirits. Similarly about germs and
illness and on and on.

Dave W

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