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Just what we need!

     HCSB The Charles Darwin Bible
      $1.75 when purchased by the case

            Trim Size: 4" x 6"
            Page Count: 512
            Font Size: 7.36
            Case Count: 40
           Single: $3.99
            Case: $70.00
      Released in response to "Darwin Day" on Feb. 12th - observed worldwide by a growing number of people - this publication by best-selling author Ray Comfort is designed to help "pull the plug on the rising tide of atheism." With both the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth in February and the 150th anniversary of the publication of On the Origin of Species in October, 2009 promises to be a battleground year for evolution - and Christians need to be equipped to refute it.

      Countless people have been deceived into dismissing God, believing that evolution is a proven scientific fact and that the Book of Genesis has been shown to be a fable. Even many churches have neglected the truths of Scripture for the claims of fallible man. This book will give Christians an effective tool to share with evolutionists in our schools, neighborhoods, workplaces, and churches--explaining the vital facts about our origins and the truth of our great Creator.

      Covers why there is suffering, who made God, the Big Bang, the origin of life, DNA, irreducible complexity, mutations, transitional forms, the Cambrian Explosion, peppered moths, vestigial organs, "mistakes" in the Bible, and more.


        a.. Presentation Page
        b.. In-text study notes written for atheists
        c.. Plan of Salvation
        d.. Concise Topical Concordance
      Back cover copy:
      "Merely having an open mind is nothing; the object of opening a mind, as of opening the mouth, is to shut it again on something solid." ~ G. K. Chesterton

      Darwinian evolution and the biblical account of creation are incompatible. Either God made man in His own image as morally accountable beings, male and female, reproducing after their own kind, or He didn't. If the theory of evolution is a scientific fact, then the Bible should be discarded as mere mythology. But if the Bible is right, Charles Darwin single-handedly propagated a fantasy that has hoodwinked millions.

      Determining which is true could impact your eternity. Take time to examine the evidence to make sure your beliefs - and your future - are based on something solid. This brief publication will help you to consider:

        a.. Charles Darwin's history and beliefs about God
        b.. Why evolution versus creation is so important
        c.. Evidence for evolution from top scientists
        d.. "Contradictions" in the Book of Genesis
        e.. Evolution's difficult questions
        f.. How to know God exists
        g.. Commentary by best-selling author Ray Comfort
      Reading this compact New Testament with an open heart will help you know for certain whether evolution is true and whether God is real.

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