Re: [asa] Yes -- the YECs are still winning

From: George Murphy <>
Date: Mon Mar 30 2009 - 19:18:13 EDT

I think Oklo makes it very hard to maintain this view. Without that one can
hold that apparent age was somehow necessary at the beginning of the
universe (although evolutionary cosmology [Gregory, you know what I mean & I
won't bother to respond if you jump on this] & biological evolution present
a counterexample.) But to make Oklo work God would have had to tweak things
a bit after creation.


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> Gosse's OMPHALOS explanation is still (I think) the only possible YEC
> explanation that could even possibly be true.
> Suppose it were true. Would it follow that "God is a liar?"
> I think not. It might follow that, as a species, we are a lot less
> intelligent than we think we are.
> Burgy
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> On 3/30/09, gordon brown <> wrote:
>> On Mon, 30 Mar 2009, George Cooper wrote:
>>> Can we not liken today's YEC conflict with 17th century's Geocentric
>>> (capitalized for its absolute center idea) model? It was very clear to
>>> the
>>> Church, based on their interpretation of scripture, that the Earth was
>>> the
>>> absolute center of the universe; the lack of parallax was strong
>>> objective
>>> evidence against an alternative moving Earth, along with other "obvious"
>>> evidentiary observations.
>> I think that the outcome of the geocentrism controversy can give us some
>> encouragement that the day will come when YECism will be mostly a thing
>> of
>> the past, but conservative theology will not disappear with it.
>> I do however see a significant difference in these issues. Geocentrism
>> arose because of what observers thought they saw. The Bible was brought
>> in
>> to try to back up this view. YECism was deduced from Biblical
>> interpretation, not from observation of the world. Phony scientific
>> arguments were invented to back up this interpretation.
>> Gordon Brown (ASA member)
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