Re: [asa] Texas school board vote

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Mon Mar 30 2009 - 15:16:50 EDT

My understanding (subject to correction) is, that the language about
"strengths and weaknesses," which was removed this year, had been on books
for about 20 years -- with no apparent ill effect that I am aware of on
science texts used in Texas. Assuming that this is correct information,
then the fuss about altering it to the present language may well prove to be
a tempest in a teapot.

I've always felt, myself, that it's beneficial for science students to be
exposed to the fluid and often contentious nature of science as a process --
as vs the picture of science as hard and fast facts to be memorized that so
often characterizes high school and college texts. I realize that some
might use this new language to introduce aspects of ID, but I do not
necessarily oppose that myself; it depends on the details of how and why it
is done. In the absence of a clear secular educational purpose, it won't
fly in a court hearing, and I doubt that most school administrators will
approve anything likely to end up in court.


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